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13 new projects for business’s reinforcement within 2016

Speaking from the podium of parliament within the frame of discussions about the budget of 2016, the vice minister of industry, Mrs Theodora Tzakri, announced the 13 new projects about the reinforcement of business via ESPA and additionally one more initiative for start ups.


These new programs are expected to be under deliberation the upcoming period, in the site of General Secretariat of Industry and will be about:


1. Flexible remaking. It is about providing motivations for the modernization of mechanical equipment and the total upgrade of the manufactured products, through the adoption of new technologies and innovative solutions. It includes reinforcement for digital upgrade of product line and reinforcement of SME business for importing new energy efficient solutions.


2. Experienced Entrepreneurship – Reclamation of business experience. It will be a social and entrepreneurial project which will concern the human resource with high qualifications and accumulated experience that have lost their job and are going to have an opportunity for creative new business.


3. Innovative entrepreneurship. Integrated intervention for reinforcement of natural person and business that have an attempt to form a pioneer and promising idea with emphasis in entrepreneurship innovation.


4. Enhancement of chain added value. Cooperative associations and networks. Basic strategic project of the Ministry, with intensive regional dimension which implement the comparative advantages of the nation. For example: cooperative shapes in the clothing – footwear sector, textile industry, creative industry, food processing, pharmaceutical sector, shipping cluster etc


5. Reinforcement of competition and extroversion of creative industries. Project with dual nature which aims at the upgrade and reclamation of traditional sectors of economy with high added value, such as clothing & footwear, silverwork, carpentry etc., and also at the reinforcement of emerging modern sectors with an intensive extroversion orientation like the entertainment industry and modern audiovisual, digital media, cultural industries etc.


6. Reinforcement of environmental industry. The project aims at the creation of a frame and provision of motivations for the entrepreneurial administration of rubbish and effluent through the production and disposal of raw materials and intermediates or final products and high quality services.


7. Green production process. The project provides in a permanent and continuously base, a flexible frame for SME businesses in order to interventions into the productive areas for reducing their environmental print.


8. Extroversion – Internationalizing of businesses. Via the project will be granted integrated plans of exposure and promotion products in an international level, such as exhibitions, certifications and accreditations for demanding and specific markets and other.


9. Competitive tools for innovative start ups and SME businesses. Reinforcement the abilities of small and very small business where it is demanded intense and knowledge investment.


10. Development of entrepreneurial parks of local range for the remaking and supply chain. Creation and reinforcement of adequate industrial infrastructure in local level which will support the entrepreneurship and develop economic scales.


11. Consolidation of informal industrial meetings. Creation of organized infrastructures in where are occurring informal industrial meetings.


12. Reinstallation of business in entrepreneurial parks. Motivations for moving into organized infrastructure areas.


13. Reusing of old industrial buildings. The project concerns the integrated intervention for restart of using industrial infrastructure which now are under inaction.