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1st newsletter of inclEUsion project!

The 1st newsletter of inclEUsion project is ready and you can read it, if you want to learn more about our European Erasmus+ project.

The newsletter is focusing on the project idea, which is the training of adult educators and social workers involved in non-formal and informal learning activities with and for immigrants with disabilities.

In addition, the 1st newsletter of inclEUsion project includes information about the aims of the project, the partners and the Kick off Meeting in Reus, Spain.


Who are the project partners?

Partners of the project are:, as a specialized IT company, has untertaken the development of the interactive learning platform for aduld educators.


Main objectives of the project

  • Strengthen the professional competences of educators of how to recognize and handle cases of double discrimination in an educational context.
  • Promote social inclusion of immigrants with disabilities and long-term health conditions through non-formal and informal learning.
  • Strengthen the capacity and ability of organizations providing learning opportunities to immigrants with disabilities by developing a strategic approach that empowers adult educators to reflect anti-discrimination dimension in adult education.


Kick off Meeting

The Kick off Meeting for the inclEUsion project carried out on 10 & 11 December 2019, in Reus, Spain. The partners discussed issues regarding the promotion, quality insurance and dissemination activities, as the upcoming activities and deadlines for the outputs. The first output of the project is an interactive database with essential information and guidelines for adult educators to use as reference and guidance.


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Stay tuned for more information about the inclEUsion project!