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1st newsletter of Slow Learning project!

If you want to learn about our European project Slow Learning, you can do it by reading our 1st newsletter.


The newsletter is focusing on the project idea, which is the training of IT professionals and IT teachers on how to teach IT and new technologies to seniors.


In addition, it gives information about the rationale, the objectives, the results and expected impact of the project for target groups and society in general.


Who are the project partners?


Partners of the project are:


Special focus will be given from the partners to the intellectual outputs/products of the project, as these will be the tools which will help IT teachers to teach seniors.


Which are the project outputs?


1st newsletter of Slow Learning project! 1

The expected projects outputs are:

  • Web tool with good practices and tools in teaching technology to seniors
  • Job Profile of IT trainers of seniors
  • Online training programme for IT trainers
  • Video sharing personal educational experiences between IT teachers and seniors


p-consulting is the leading partner for the development of the video, as it is a specialised IT company.


Target groups of the project


Newsletter is giving information about the end users (target groups) of the expected project outputs/products:

  • Adult educators, teachers, mentors, trainers, professionals in IT, who will be the primary target group of the project
  • Seniors, who will be the secondary group of the project


The above target groups will be informed about the project via focused dissemination activities, which will take place in the following months.


Stay with us and become a qualified IT Trainer of seniors! Read our newsletter!

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