P-consulting.gr and specifically P.G. Anastassopoulos, had the honor to host Mrs. Sofia Arvanitidou in an e-interview concerning her own experience, in the field of VET Education, about dropping out of studies. The interview took place on 22/11/2021 in the framework of the Dropping the Baggage project and the most interesting information are presented below.

Who Sofia Arvanitidou is

20 minutes with Mrs. Sofia Arvanitidou 1Ms. Arvanitidou is the deputy director of DIEK Lemnos. At the same time, however, she is an ambassador at VET TOOLKIT for dropping out of studies, of students by CEDEFOP. She is having good cooperation with EOPPEP, with EQUAVET, she has a long course in what is called European coexistence of Greek and European reality in the field of education. What makes her “different”, is the teamwork, which is placed as its central axis, in everything concerning her work. She always puts students first! This was the reason this interview was conducted on students dropping out of studies.

DIEK of Lemnos

20 minutes with Mrs. Sofia Arvanitidou 2DIEK of Lemnos, is a DIEK of the border, with different needs from big IEK of the big city centers and with many challenges, as underlined by Mrs. Arvanitidou. During last year’s lockdown, due to Covid-19, the fear of dropping out of studies, VET education, was much higher, however DIEK Lemnos remained in very good numbers. In the case of DIEK Lemnos, according to Mrs. Arvanitidou, the phenomenon of dropping out of studies, was more intense about 3 years ago. Where the classes started with 16 people and in the second semester, were numbered only 3.

Why do students drop their studies in Lemnos?

According to the deputy director, Mrs. Arvanitidou, the main reason of dropping out of VET studies was mainly the lack of goals. Many students enroll in DIEK, unknowingly and motivated mainly by the family. Thus, due to the dedication they see and the framework that exists, at DIEK, they abandon their studies.

Ms. Arvanitidou, by observing this phenomenon, tried to reinforce fact that DIEK of Lemnos is actually by these students’ side and can support and help them. In this way, DIEK of Lemnos managed, from this process, in 2021, to have 6 departments.

Technological background and utilization of technology

Following in the interview, Mr. Anastassopoulos asked if the technological background and the use of technology could be a solution for not dropping out of studies. According to Ms. Arvanitidou, the use of technology will be the only way to reduce the outflow of students from the DIEK. (VET education)

There are many students who seek distance education (e-learning) and as this is provided in the new bill, there will be many specialties that can (if the study guide allows it) be carried out with distance learning.

The role of the educator in dropping out of studies

Ms. Arvanitidou underlined that the educator is a catalyst for the continuation of studies. The educator should no longer follow the teacher-centered model, but the principle of adult education, with the participatory technique. In this way students will not attend a simple lecture and their interest will remain “alive”. 

Student training/studies should be done in collaboration with students and educators. Ms. Arvanitidou underlined that educators of DIEK Lemnos, follow the principles of adult education and a result students have what they really need from them.


According to Ms. Arvanitidou there are many students who had many internal obstacles. They thought they could not make through e-learning education and therefore could not continue. So DIEK Lemnos and the educators, made many presentations on how easy the “tool” is. Essentially, according to Ms. Arvanitidou, technology is a tool.

It has also been observed that many students carry internal barriers, such as the so-called early school failure. In these “baggages”, the educator plays an important role, as the student needs encouragement, reinforcement and guidance. Something that is the essence of the educational organization.

DIEK of Lemnos, consists of about 100 students, so Mrs. Arvanitidou, is able to know all of them, personally. She can, therefore, inform the educators about any “baggages”, however, she considers that the role of each educator is to be able to recognize them on her/his own, depending on the techniques she/he follows.

Personal opinion (hidden agenda) of educators based on students’ past

According to Ms. Arvanitidou, some educators, mainly those who work for the first time in DIEK, (VET provider) tend to form an opinion about students based on their past performance in school. The educators of DIEK Lemnos, are informed, many times by herself, about the objectives of the courses and are encouraged to ask the students’ opinion, for the courses they deliver. This ensures the highest level of quality in the provision of the educational process.

It should be emphasized that according to Ms. Arvanitidou, every educators feels indescribable satisfaction, every time a student completes his/her studies, especially when this student had a hard time (for his own reasons).

Mr. Anastasopoulos and Mrs. Arvanitidou, renewed their appointment, in order to know more about the phenomenon of dropping out of studies in Lemnos.

Stay tuned for more !!

You can see the whole interview here!

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