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The 2nd Slow Learning newsletter

Slow Learning is the European Erasmus+ project, which is focusing on the training of IT trainers, so as to acquire the required knowledge on how to teach seniors, knowing their special characteristics, their needs and their expectations. Seniors are an extremely diverse group of adult learners for whom education is being prepared according to their characteristics, their needs and their expectations.


Project partners of Slow Learning

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The project partners of Slow Learning are University of Ptuj from Slovenia, from Greece, SOSU Østjylland from Denmark, CDEA and EOSA from Spain. Partners aim to produce those tools whic will help IT trainers to teach seniors in new technologies.

The outputs of Slow Learning are:

  • Web tool with good practices and tools in teaching technology to seniors;
  • Job Profile of IT trainers of seniors;
  • Online training programme for IT trainers, regarding the methods and the learning practices for seniors;
  • Video sharing personal educational experiences of new technologies in seniors., as a specialized IT company, has undertaken the creation of the online educational platform and the video, as also it will contribute with its experience to the creation of all the other outputs.


The need for digital communication that COVID-19 pandemic created

The restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic, caused greater social isolation to seniors. At the same time, the inability of these people to use new technologies, so as to be able to cover their daily needs and/or to communicate with their families and friends, became evident. It is essential the need for computers and learning new technologies to seniors. The 2nd newsletter for Slow Learning project emphasizes the importance of the possibility of learning new technologies to seniors and the enhancement of pedagogical knowledge of IT trainers on how to teach them.




Stay tuned and learn more about Slow Learning project!

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