A Creative Cultural Green INTERACTION

As the European Green Deal is already in full force, it was deemed imperative for actions to be taken in the creative sector so as not to leave its professionals behind. Artists and creative individuals alike needed to upskill themselves with new and innovative green skills. And what goes hand in hand with artistry and creativity? Culture. And just like that, INTEARCTION was conceptualized.

To begin with, to whom is INTERACTION addressed?

Our project aims to positively affect all those who occupy themselves with the arts and innovative creations. Painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, architects, fashion designers are some of the people that can benefit from INTERACTION. Furthermore, we wish to approach VET teachers who educate future generations of artistic and creative individuals and of course the future professionals themselves.

So, what is INTERACTION’s aim?

INTERACTION was born out of the necessity of greening every artistic and creative operation so as to comply with the newfound Green Deal demands, to establish competitive and viable creative companies, and of course to make them more successful and therefore long running. Sustainable creativity and circular economy are the two main themes that all actions of the project will revolve around. Artistic and creative individuals will develop and hone green skills which will ultimately constitute them leaders of their field.

Why is INTERACTION linked to European culture?

Culture has always been an incentive for creation. Artists and creative individuals have always drawn inspiration from their local traditions. It’s a way for them to pay homage to their culture’s history and folklore, while at the same time create sellable content. With INTERACTION, we aim to highlight European cultural heritage and intersect it with creativity and ecological awareness so as to give it a fresh perspective and revive it anew.

How do we plan to achieve INTERACTION’s goals?

In our two-year-long journey, we have planned not only to launch a variety of digital educational tools readily available to every stakeholder, but also to involve them in a series of face-to-face actions so that they can interact with like-minded individuals exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and why not, creating smart collaborations which will lead to valuable and innovative results.

More specifically, we are to introduce:

  • A business model canvas to provide creative entrepreneurs with the tools to refine their own business models in such a way that they integrate sustainability and green growth principles.
  • A competence framework for innovation to provide a clear understanding of the competences required for success in the creative sector.
  • An e-learning platform on sustainable creativity to foster a culture of continuous learning.
  • “Green Art” workshops and ateliers to serve as interactive platforms for creative professionals.
  • A short film to promote awareness on sustainable creativity and circular economy.

INTERACTION is here to promote culture through creativity and green practices. Are you going to stay behind? Come along our wonderful journey and stay updated on our project’s milestones and steps forward.

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