Acquiring skills through serious games

Serious games and strengthening of “soft” skills

In a constantly changing world of employment, the acquisition of soft skills has become a one-way street for employers and employees, as well as for job seekers.

Many personnel training professionals are keen to help employees (and not only employees) to acquire these skills, but are often faced with objective difficulties, such as a lack of competence in managing personnel, methods or financial resources.

The Erasmus+ S4EG European project has been set up to help in this direction! Particularly, it aims to facilitate adult education in the acquisition of important skills, using serious games.

Project’s Serious games

s4eg - serious games

In the current implementation phase of the project, 6 serious games are being designed by the partners, which can be used to train the following 6 most requested soft skills in today’s labour market:

  • Collaboration and teamwork: (Greece)
  • Emotional intelligence: CSI (Cyprus)
  • Time management and self-management: Greta Du Velay (France)
  • Communication: VHS Cham (Germany)
  • Creativity: Metodo (Spain)
  • Creative thinking and problem solving: LUP (Slovenia)

All games will be available in physical (desktop) and digital (online) formats and can be accessed through the project website.

The idea behind the implementation

The concept behind the design of the serious games of the S4EG project is to be interesting, easy to understand, fun and above all educational!

The game mode will change from skill to skill and will be quite interactive. Role-playing, card games, questioning, cooperative, competitive are some of the features that will be able to keep the interest of the players at a high level.

Stay tuned for more news

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