ACT’s team is meeting in Romania!

The ACT! project.

The ACT! project is on the 18th month of its implementation and its partners met in Romania. During the implementation of the project the necessary tools and methods to enable children and teachers from different countries and different educational and cultural environments to work together (co-creative) on global issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be developed.

The transnational project meeting in Romania. together with the other project partners from Greece, Denmark, Italy, met in Romania for the transnational project meeting that took place on 08 and 09 of June.

Partners met in Iasi for their 3rd transnational meeting that was hosted by FEG (Fundatia Ecologica Green). The first day of the transnational project meeting, partners discussed about the overall status of the project: Where we are and what the next steps. Furthermore, partners focused on the first project result, the Self-Reflection Tool for teachers for the SDGs, that is in its final stage. The Self-Reflection Tool has already been developed in English and partners will proceed with its translation.

ACT’s team is meeting in Romania! 3

The same day, 08.06.2023, the team discussed about the second project result, the Online Training Program for teachers for the development of the SDGs in schools. The development of the content is in its final phase and the final touches remain to be made.

Following this, the team of presented the draft of the interactive web platform, e-community. This platform will be an online community for students aged 14-18 years old, who are going to develop co-creation synergies in SBA. The day ended with the presentations of FEG concerning quality assurance and for the dissemination of the project.

ACT’s team is meeting in Romania! 4

The next day of the transnational project meeting, 09.06.2023, started with a guided tour at FEG and a summary and reflection of the previous day. Then partners discussed about the creation of the fourth deliverable, the Online Workshops for cross-border cooperation on the SDGs, presented by the representative of LeGO and the Short-term joint staff training to be held in Denmark, which will take place in October and will be hosted by SOSU.

The transnational project meeting concluded after the partners summarized the decisions taken and the respective deadlines and next steps.

Stay tuned!

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