AIDA’s Transnational Training, participates in the Transnational Training for the AIDA project, taking place 21/03/2022 – 25/03/2022 in Sopuerta. The partners of the AIDA project, from 4 different countries and 5 different organizations, meet, face to face, in the Basque Country in Spain, hosted by CENTRO SAN VIATOR, actively participating in several activities.

After these five days, the partners will have exchanged views, shared ideas and thoughts, and learned new perspectives on the implementation of the project. This five-day event can be considered as a key point for the progress and implementation of the project and of course could not be absent from it!


AIDA's Transnational Training 3

On the first day of the Transnational Training, the partners visit Talleres USOA to get to know its activities in the context of employment of people with mental disabilities. Later, there will be a presentation on “A new vision of care for the elderly with intellectual disabilities in residential services” by Vegoña Bugallo Naveira, Geriatric Nurse. The first day will end with a visit to GORABIDE, which provides housing services for elderly people with intellectual disabilities.


On the second day, 22/03/2022, the partners will learn about Care for the Elderly with Mental Dissabilities from the perspective of social organizations, the Amadip Esment Foundation and the Juan XXIII Foundation. In conclusion, the partners will be invited to share their ideas and views on the EDUCATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMME of the second AIDA deliverable, coordinated by Mr. Alfredo Garmentia.


On the third day of the Transnational Training, on 23/03/2022, partners will continue to be informed about Care for Older Persons with Intellectual Disabilities from the perspective of social organizations, this time by the Lantegi Batuak Foundation. The day will continue by learning about the benefits of physical and emotional activity for older people with mental disabilities. KIDO PARKS

Transnational Training -AIDA24/03/2022

The second last day, 24/03/2022, has as its theme “What do we do with older people with intellectual disabilities? Approaching an integrated vision” by the Gureak Foundation. The day will continue with work on the structure of the second deliverable of the AIDA project and the training material. In particular, the focus will be on the curriculum materials. Finally, the day will continue with information on care for older people with intellectual disabilities by public institutions.


The last day of the Transnational Training will close with a topic briefing: “Integrated care for older people with autism spectrum disorder. A new approach to the integrated care model” by the APNABI Foundation. Then the partners will discuss in detail and allocate tasks related to the implementation of the AIDA project and its deliverables.

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