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Announcement of 5 new ESPA projects about the Remaking, Extroversion and Innovation

The vice minister of industry Ms Theodora Tzakri, presented the five new projects from ESPA, in the conference of the Hellenic Logistics Enterprises which has been implemented in Zappeio and concerned the support of remaking, extroversion and innovation.


The proposed interventions have to do with:


Project “Reinforcement of chain added value – Collaborating partnerships and networking”.


It aims in the supporting of businesses for creating permanent or long lasting co-operations according to the new development model of the country.


Project “Flexible remaking”


It concerns established, thriving businesses with clear orientation, which is emerging either through its priorities and strategic goals of the “Operational project of competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation” (EPAnEK), 2014-2020 or through the general international evolution and commitments according to the new development model of the country.


Project Innovative entrepreneurship”


Main objective is the integrated support of innovative entrepreneurial ideas and their transformation to sustainable enterprises.


Project “Green productive procedure”


It includes interventions in the production process and aims to:


    • Decrease of natural print


    • Increase of competitiveness and productiveness


    • Its preparation for the future environmental model


Projects for the “Enhancement of extroversion”


It will be about businesses with an orientation in entroversion.