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Call tender 123Α: Increase of the value of agricultural products


The Ministry of Agriculture’s call tender for the improvement of competiveness of agricultural products, is now on. The target of the project is to enhance investments in the processing and marketing of agricultural products and refers either to start-up’s or to existing businesses. The rate of the subsidy for investments from 100.000 € to 1.500.000 € is 65 % on Aegean islands but for Crete and Evia, 40 % for the Region of Central Greece and 50 % in all the other regions.


The subsidized costs refer to the construction or improvement of real estate, landscaping, mechanical equipment, waste treatment facilities, brand name creation, consulting and engineering fees, obtaining certificates as ISO, HACCP etc, buy appliances (such as PC, fax, telephone network, alarm systems), construction drilling. The project refers to products such as meat, milk, poultry-eggs, various animals, cereals, oilseeds, wine, vegetables, flowers, feed, seed and planting material of medicinal and aromatic plants.