Our company is now certified for the quality of the services provided according to ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 29993:2017 standards, by BQV (Business Quality Verification).

We have implemented a management system in which all our processes / procedures are carefully designed and tested according to international standards. By applying the standards, our overall operating framework, is evaluated with the ultimate goal of serving and satisfying our partners.

Our decision of becoming certified is to demonstrate our commitment to provide quality services to all of our partners. Our aim is to offer high standard services and for this reason we invest in both human resources and equipment.

The implementation of the Certified System focuses on:

  • Recording the processes at each level of our operation, covering the wide range of services we provide (websites, applications, consulting services and e-education / e-training / e-learning).
  • Implementing our recorded procedures, by keeping lexicon / records.
  • Implementing the system of operation of the processes as well as the efficiency of the System, through the monitoring of the quality indicators.
  • Implementing corrective / reformative and preventive actions, with the aim of achieving our continuous improvement.

EN ISO 9001, is an internationally recognized standard for Quality Management. Quality Management System is a collection of policies, substantiated procedures, and instructions. The above documents are the ones that determine the internal regulation of an Organization. The implementation of such a System ensures the quality of the services we provide, always aiming at customer’s / partner’s satisfaction.

ISO 9001 demonstrates the ability to meet the requirements of an Organization’s customers / partners. The implementation of a Quality Management System helps in better internal management which contributes to increasing efficiency, productivity and at the same time quality of the products / services we provide.

ΕΝ ISO 29993:2017 is an internationally recognized standard which defines the requirements for learning services apart for formal education and includes all types of lifelong learning. A key feature of this standard is the definition of learning objectives, and also the evaluation of services and everything that involves interaction with the learner / student.

ISO 29993 certification demonstrates the Organization’s ability to provide learning services, including all types of lifelong learning. The application of the requirements of this standard systematically improves the quality of the services provided by an Organization, in matters of training, ensuring the transparency of services and developing training / learning methods according to the needs of the learners / students.

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