Child Protection

Child Protection 1

The Child Policy, has developed, consists of several elements, all of which focus on the safety of children and youngsters.

Child abuse, neglection, and exploitation of children, all form violations of human rights. Any kind of abuse, physical or psychological, constitutes an obstacle on the educational process, as well as on the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual development of the child., by participating in European projects, focusing on training and educational programs, operates according to the 5 vital guidelines regarding the protection of children:

  • Zero tolerance on child abuse.
  • Protection of children’s rights.
  • Defining children’s safety as top priority:
    Facing identified or suspicious cases of child abuse, the physical and mental health and safety of children, is top priority.
  • Empowerment and education of children:
    Empowerment and education of children, according to their rights, their personal safety, as well as the steps they can take, if the need arises.
  • Child protection as part of the company:
    Integration of child protection, within all aspects of organizational, structural, and working practices.

Youngsters that come in contact or participate in’s activities, need to find themselves in a safe environment, which offers them the opportunity to develop emotionally and spiritually alike. participates in a vast number of projects, containing educational games and platforms focused on children, and developed by the company itself. Through these, children not only acquire knowledge on the subject of the respective project, but also come in contact with the virtues of caring, consciousness, partnership, and self-protection, thus developing a perception towards possible dangers, as well as the steps they can take, should these dangers arise.

In this way, the company interacts with children that might need help and protection, observing and understanding cases that this is of utmost importance.’s team, commits to reporting suspicious incidents of abuse or neglection of children. Every time that the personnel understands that a child suffers or is in danger of abuse or neglection, the incident shall be reported to the company’s administration. Any report of child abuse or neglection will be reported to the respective authority. has developed a complete system of Procedures, Documents, and Instructions, focused on children that suffer from abuse, neglection, or other kinds of danger.

The Policy is reviewed on a yearly basis, or when it is demanded by an internal or external demand.

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