Climate Justice Living Lab: A green living laboratory

As the climate change, which the planet is in, is all the more intensifying, it is considered crucial for immediate changes to be imposed in all fields of employment, management, and education. At the moment, we’re on the cusp of reality, old and new, and it is more than obvious that there is no headroom for procrastination. In fact, the ongoing war in Ukraine reminded us that our dependence on fossil fuel should come to an end and instead walk towards an era where we operate exclusively with renewable sources and that we ought to set dealing with the climate emergency as a top priority.

As an effective solution to help with all the above, while at the same time take the human factor and human rights into consideration, comes our project, Climate Justice Living Lab (CJLL). Its aim is to enhance the role of Higher Education in trying to deal with the changes we face as a society on account of the climate crisis. Aiming at the sector of Law in University Education almost exclusively, CJLL intents to make experts out of future professionals (as well as existing ones) in matters of the environment and Climate Law.

Over the past few years, the field of Law has been accepting calls to support environmental cases, but with professionals seriously lacking in education. The CJLL project was created to equip future and existing lawyers and judges, as well as policy makers, activists and influential professionals (like journalists) with appropriate law intervention knowledge concerning Climate Justice and Human Rights.

All these will be realized through the project’s deliverable results, which are as follows:

  • An online comprehensive handbook which will combine academic and strategic insights to provide guidance and tips. In actuality, we aim to make it a reference text for European climate law in Higher Education.
  • An innovative training curriculum with three different training modalities where the trainers are going to be academics from various disciplines such as Law, Science, Human Rights, MGO members, etc.
  • A living lab for exchanging knowledge, expertise, and tools and providing its participants with cooperative opportunities.

If you are a University student of Law or of relevant fields like Political Sciences, Sociology, Natural Sciences, etc., or if you are a law professional (lawyer, judge, intermediary), or an activist or even a journalist, CJLL is for you. It’s high time you took immediate action for a greener and, decidedly, a better future.

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