Constantinos Kounas

…always become better…

Born in Perugia, from a Greek father and an Italian mother, he has always made the gap between the two countries smaller. Bilingual since the age of six, he attended the British Academy from the early years of elementary school and for nine years. After finishing High School he graduated from the Economics Department of the University of Perugia, during which he spent one year at the Athens University of Economics and Business via the Erasmus program.

At the age of 24, he started working in employment centers and is engaged in professional mediation, business advice, funding for start-ups and European planning. He has the professional title of “Expert Advisor on Facilitated Business Loans”. After a few years he realized that his main concern was territorial cooperation and with the knowledge of his languages ​​and good mentors, he began working on transnational projects, especially with Romania and Spain, but mainly with and for Greece.

With years of experience in many projects, he has decided to work with organizations and Greek businesses, particularly in the Achaia region, to support them in the presentation, management and reporting of the project, especially MED, ADRION, Erasmus +, Greece – Italy, POSDRU, SEE, ENI CBC MED, COSME, JUSTICE, MED IPA, and more.

He chose to join p-consulting because he found a new, dynamic and motivated reality with which he would achieve great goals.