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“…analysis and evaluation of the current situation of a company, and the development of a comprehensive plan of improvement and strengthening , customized to the needs through the evaluation of all available funding means and specialized supporting actions…”

p-consulting provides a wide range of consulting services. From the problem definition, the evaluation of the existing solutions, the localization of the suitable means to the decision to implement. The decision making is taking place with the simplest and direct process, by stimulating at the same time the self-motivation of the client. Taking into account the financial environment.

Respecting the conditions of the financial environment and the modern trends of the entrepreneurship, p-consulting acts for the promotion of the client’s entrepreneurial spirit through a holistic approach.

The variety of our services is being customized to the needs of each synergy and formed, so as they can meet the needs from the beginning of the project till the implementation is completed.

Our team will give you an immediate and effective solution in order to adopt those investment opportunities that will contribute to the success of your entrepreneurial activities. This success is based on the continuous and wide supervision of financial and investment conditions that change constantly and are the main field of all the possible opportunities.

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