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Which are the benefits of choosing a collaborative workspace?



The Coworking started to make its appearance around the beginning of 2000, and this term describes a work environment, that includes a common use of a workplace for independent professional activity.


Collaborative workspaces, which is universally described by the term coworking spaces, are alternative areas of professional activity, which both globally and locally conquer more and more fame. An increasing number of independent professionals and, of course, startup companies, choose to work in an environment with others, and the choice is not a coincidence.


Why more and more professionals and startup companies choose as a workplace a coworking space?


The cost.

The cost to remain and work in a collaborative workplace is comparatively much smaller than it would be in the case of a classic workplace.



Especially in the case of startup businesses, the data are constantly changing and as the company develops new needs are emerging. This is not a particular problem in the case of coworking spaces, where flexibility is one of the main features of the collaborative workplaces.




At the beginning of a career path and rather a startup business, the need for accounting services, tax support and guidance is crucial. The coworking spaces can offer comprehensive services and solve many of the problems that someone faces in his first professional steps.


The network.


Apart from the professional workplace and the services provided by these areas, they offer the opportunity to develop a professional network. With a professional presence in a coworking space, it is a lot easier to meet prospective customers and partners, and a business to become more recognizable. The role of all these elements is decisive and collaborative workspaces offer great potential for development.


The creative culture.


Last but not least, an important but often undervalued element that can make the difference. To be in a creative and positive environment can be very comforting even when things do not go as expected (unfortunately, a fact not so uncommon). The coexistence and interaction among the members of a community that have desire and creativity, can boost the personal development and entrepreneurship as a whole.


The business world changes and evolves constantly and the threats and opportunities that face the professionals increase. To be and work together with other entrepreneurs in an environment that is designed specifically to support new business, offers valuable help for professional development.


The city of Patra is no exception in innovation and already hosts the collaborative workplace  POS Coworking Space.


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