Cyber Security

Cyber Security 1 fully responding to the conditions and requirements of the digital era, has developed a protection plan of its digital archive, both from internal and external threats. is a business entity, in which most of its operations are based in digital environment, so it heavily emphasizes on the digital protection of its data, both for its own integrity, its employees, and also for its partners.

The policy of, focuses on the protection of the data and compliance, as organisations incur to multiple legislative and corporate regulatory requirements. Because of this, the company is called to prove that it manages and effectively protects the data that it possesses.

Its aim is to ensure that data is fully protected and that is the reason it is committed to the following:

  • Confidentiality, availability and protection of information within the company.
  • Compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements.
  • Regular assessment of the level of compliance.
  • Employees’ training, upskilling and reskilling.

This policy, is based on the protection both from external attacks of malware, as well as all activities made by its employees, concerning the protection of the digital archive.

Internal policy:

  • The use of Antivirus for the protection of the digital archive and company’s network as well as monitoring the outgoing files and documents.
  • Avoid using inappropriate websites, which may contain malware.
  • Checking and immediately deleting suspicious emails, which may request company or personal information / files / documents or data, or may contain suspicious links, or attached files.
  • Password protection for the use of digital platforms, documents, and digital material.
  • Any suspicious incident is immediately reported, by company’s employees, to the IT department and to ‘s Administration.
  • Company’s files are being shared only among staff, and only through the company’s local network.

Through the above activities, protects its network, its data but also information regarding its clients – coworkers – partners, from external factors and threats, like:

  • Dangerous, and infected with malware (malicious software), websites.
  • Attempts of intercepting, material, or information.
  • Spam mail, which may contain malware, which attacks to the user’s system through links, attached files etc.
  • Phishing methods: Phishing is a method, in which a user is led to reveal valuable information either personal or company’s information, or in carrying out acts for the purpose of interception of information. has created a fully developed system with Activities, Documents and Manuals / Guidelines, with which it takes care of the settlement of data protection issues.

The Policy is reviewed annually or when it’s required by internal or external demand.

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