Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy 1 is a company based on digital tools, but also on communication with its partners – clients, thus has developed the Data and Information Protection and Security Policy. This policy concerns the protection of data and information possessed and managed by the company regarding the projects which is involved, as well as the information, personal or professional, of its partners and clients. The data and Information policy, is based on the following sectors:

  • Confidentiality: only company’s staff have jurisdiction to access information and data. In particular, files and data are protected, and accessible only by the respective specialized and with special clearance personnel.
  • Integrity: Due care is always taken, while processing information and data by staff, so that the results produced are correct and of high quality.
  • Availability: Information availability as well as the network’s – system, so that their use, processing, and their protection, can be carried out at any time
  • Traceability: Information and data used by the company must be traceable by the correspondingly trained staff with a special clearance, but also by the interested partner-client.
  • Confidentiality: Information and data will be collected, processed, and shared in ways and methods that respect the rights and security of the parties involved.

Privacy and Security of Corporate Data and Information

  • Only staff with special clearance have access to the Consequently, the relevant data and information, as well as the databases of the digital and non-digital tools produced, are only available to the directly interested parties.
  • uses an Antivirus program to protect its digital archive and prevent it from being infected by malicious software.
  • A corporate cloud storage file depository is used for direct file sharing between staff. Consequently, no third parties are involved in this process.
  • The company’s employees maintain complete confidentiality regarding the information and data managed by the company, having all signed a confidentiality agreement, which if violated, entails legal penalties.

Protection and Security of Customer Data and Information, relying on and fully respecting the cooperation, communication and trust with its partners and clients, has developed a set of rules and procedures for the protection and security of their personal and corporate data and information. The following sectors complete the culture and way of thinking of, regarding the protection of data and information of its clients:

  • Files, data as well as sensor information of its clients are only for corporate use and are not shared to third parties.
  • Company’s employees maintain complete confidentiality regarding information and data related to its customers, as well as anything related to their business ideas.
  • proceeds with the processing of data and information of its clients, after having consulted with them, and only for reasons related to the agreed terms of the professional agreement between them.
  • Data and information related to the clients of can only be accessed by the staff departments that are directly related to the specific issue, or the specific client, and not by the entire staff.
  • Inappropriate and illegal use of company’s assets is prohibited.
  • Submitting false, forged, or altered statements, with company information.

This policy and the processing of data is based on, both of a corporate nature and of a personal and professional nature of the customers, which carries out, is based on the following principles:

  • Legality, objectivity, and transparency during the processing process
  • Minimize the data being processed
  • Accuracy and up-to-datedness of the data being processed
  • Integrity and confidentiality during processing
  • Limiting the retention / storage time of customer data and information
  • Compliance with the current legislative and regulatory framework is responsible for the above and is always able to prove its compliance with the above principles, as they are recorded in this Policy. The Company controls, reviews, and updates at regularly and whenever is deemed necessary, this Policy, considering the current legislative and regulatory framework.

The policy is reviewed annually or upon internal or external demand.

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