DEAL Newsletter

After 2 years of implementation, the European project DEAL – Dementia, Education, Approach, Life – is finalising its activities on 31st December 2020.

Project partners in order to inform public, relevant stakeholders and policy makers about the project activities and intellectual outputs, developed a newsletter with the most important information from the project’s lifetime.


What you will read to DEAL’s Newsletter?

DEAL’s Newsletter includes information about the:

  • Main idea and the aims of the project, which focused to the improvement of the competences of caregiver’s teachers and professional and non-professional caregivers of people with dementia and to the extension of the cooperation between educational institutions and caregiving organizations.
  • Partnership, which consists of organizations from Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Greece, working in the field of education, training and/or care of people who are in vulnerable position by suffering from dementia.
  • Training program for caregivers of people with dementia, which was implemented to Denmark, Netherlands, Italy and Greece with the participation – in total – of 140 professionals & non-professionals caregivers and students in medical schools.
  • Video for caregivers, aiming to promote the care work for people with dementia.
  • Policy paper for relevant stakeholders in the field of education at national level. It consists of a general part containing the results of DEAL project and sections containing the national recommendations.
  • Multiplier Events, which took place in Denmark, Netherlands, Italy and Greece, aiming to inform people about the DEAL project, its aims and results and the training program for caregivers in partners’ countries. participated to DEAL project as partner from Greece and was responsible for the creation of the digital e-learning platform and the video for caregivers.



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