DigEqual: In League With Digital Justice

Once Upon A Time In Italy

There were more than enough moments where we had to remind ourselves, along with our brains, that we had not entered a time machine the day before, that so kindly and thoughtfully transferred us to the Italian countryside of the 1950’s. And at times, we had to, more than once. What made it even more difficult, was the fact that everything was there. A beautiful, small town, quiet during most of the day’s hours, with picturesque, stone-built walkaways and buildings that proudly carried the scent of previous centuries; one embraced the other creating a magical surrounding, giving everybody a familiar feeling of warmth and welcome.

Cori, built upwards a hill offering habitats and visitors a great view when on top of the town, is a place with rich cultural and political history, famous for its special wine. And yes, it is everything, and a lot more, of what someone would expect of a small Italian town, in the middle of the countryside. It was also the venue of DigEqual’s Kick – Off Meeting, the official beginning of a rather interesting project, which throws itself in the battle against digital divides and the gaps they give birth to. And it couldn’t be better.

The Spaghetti Incident

Even though we immediately got into character as soon as we stepped to Cori, becoming one with the local vibe and energy, our 2-day interaction was far from reminding a deafeningly intense, bone-chilling Mexican stand-off. The first day’s morning found us introducing ourselves and learning about each other, sealing the excellent relationship we’ve had up until now, through our online interactions. Some of us were already familiar with each other, while others, complete strangers. It was the first time however, that this team was working together towards the same cause. DigEqual’s.

After the short introductions and hellos, always accompanied by warm smiles, we got down to business. Even though it was our first face-to-face meeting, DigEqual already counted several months of life, and with it, the project results that are to be developed. All partners had already started working on the respective tasks, being in constant and direct communication with each other in order to solve any possible issues that might came up. On the focus, the digital educational program that is under development while you are reading these lines. Its goal is to engage and educate adults on utilizing the digital services of public authorities, inserting them into the new age of digital literacy. In particular, by examining the fields of e-education, e-billing/e-payment, e-leisure, e-health, e-participation, and e-literacy, the digital educational program focuses on tackling the effects of digital divide, that are becoming more and more obvious with the prevalence of technology in everyday life.

Along with the educational materials, the partnership closely examined the second part of the educational program, which shall be targeted towards adult educators, and will include in-class activities centered around the fields mentioned above. The project’s palette becomes whole with a rich research and analysis on e-government, its essence and how it changes our lives, along with an interactive application, through which adults will be able to practice their skills on everyday e-government scenarios. It is in this manner that DigEqual battles the digital divide, and the social injustice that it spreads.

Hasta La Vista

Yes, we had pasta, tried the local wine, we even tasted local desserts. And were they all great. The best perfumes come in small bottles, and Cori is the best example. As we were leaving the small town behind us, knowing that in a bit we’ll be gazing Rome, through the eyes of a Kamikaze, we were certain about one thing: the cause is righteous, it shall be done. Hasta La Vista.

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