Digital Toolkit-Access to Knowledge

In an ever-changing technological era, the need for digital tools in education is more than necessary. The Reimagine Distance Learning project, within the framework of Erasmus+, haw come to address the educators’ need to meet their redefined role as distance trainers. But how will this be achieved?

We recognize that digital tools open up a world full of benefits for educators as they help them create interactive and engaging lessons, but also enhance the teaching process and student performance. Through their use, educators can customize their teaching according to the needs and level of the students, providing specialized support. Additionally, the ability to utilize interactive programs, games, and multimedia enhances students’ active participation, helping them understand and acquire knowledge in a more fun and effective way. Finally digital educational technology allows the creation of educational networks and the exchange of ideas and practices among educators on a global scale promoting continuous professional development and innovation in education.

We also acknowledge the fact that the pandemic has led to an explosion in distance learning and the use of all digital tools to ensure continuity. Many educators lacked the full digital training to cope with the new reality.

Having all this in mind, within Reimagine Distance Learning, we have created a digital toolkit that provides all the required knowledge based on the Educational Design Methodology, easy to understand, functional and accessible, which will assist them in the transition to online teaching.

Visit the project’s website at to learn all about it.

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