Digital Transformation in Greece

Digital transformation in Greece

Lately, we often hear about digital transformation and the necessity of its existence in Greek businesses. But what is digital transformation and what are the advantages that will evolve the businesses?

What is digital transformation

Digital transformation is all the changes a business adopts in order to exploit the advantages of digital media and new technologies. It is a procedure that is constantly evolving but requires investments in money and time. Without doubt, it will bring business growth and profitability.


What are the benefits?

Thanks to technology, procedures are simplified. Bureaucracy is at minimum and the access to information is much easier. Time is saved, productivity and efficiency increase and at the same time the best customer service is achieved. Better control is accomplished while reducing operating costs. More specialized jobs are created. Businesses that already use the appropriate IT systems perform better than other companies, as they are more competitive.

psifiakos-metasximatismos-1Digital transformation in Greece

The European Union aims to invest 9.2 billion for a digital Europe. Unfortunately, Greece is significantly behind at digital evolution. It is in 27th place in all 28 European Union countries, which is quite disappointing. The majority of Greek businesses seems to hesitate, as the extend of changes needed to be done and the difficulties’ they will face in assimilation is a deterrent factor. Most of them are also worried about the safety of the company’s data as well as the inability to watch any technological changes. Indeed, with the pace of technological change so frenzy, it is unnecessary to deal with all technologies. Only the ones needed are required to be implemented and assimilated in order to optimize the business.

What businesses need?

The need to modernize the business is imperative. They need people who have the knowledge about innovative technological methods, with specialized experience in counseling them and enhancing their digital skills. They need advices and suggestions based on the real needs and the procedures of a business. With small steps each time, in order the changes have the best outcome. After all, the best result together with minimal cost is the way to persuade.

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