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Employment Support from O.A.E.D

Announced today 10/22/2015 on the websites of OAED, the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism and the Special Management Service of EPANAD the pre-publication of the invitation to the project of Liquidity Support and Employment.


The publication of the final call is expected within the next week.


The new project covers:


– 9,000 new employment positions which were created from January 1st 2015 until August 31st 2015 and


– 3,700 former registered unemployed who created their own business from January 1, 2014 until August 31, 2015.


The main pillars of the project are:


A) “Employers Grant for the Creation of New Jobs during the crisis”


Beneficiaries: The project is open to private companies and generally private sector employers, engaged in economic activity as well as Social Cooperative Companies – KOINSEP (of Law. 4019/2011) for their members. The grant concerns new jobs employment either full-time or part-time, created from 01.01.2015 up to 08.31.2015.


Conditions of Participation:


A company in order to join the project, shall have created of new jobs in relation to the maximum number of jobs they had in December 2014, by hiring former unemployed in the period from 1.1.2015 to and 08.31.2015.


Companies which increased or decreased personnel during the period from 01.01.2015 to 08.31.2015 in relation to the maximum number of jobs that were in December 2014, will be granted for the additional number of jobs they have created at any time during the above period and which remain in the company until the submission of the application and for the entire duration of the project.


The recruited to new posts should:


    1. a) be registered in the OAED unemployment registers regardless of duration, during the six months preceding their appointment and


    1. b) not have any employment relation on the day preceding the date of their appointment by the company


Grant Amount:


The company will be subsidized for every new employee and up to twenty (20) full-time positions or forty (40) part-time, which created from the date of appointment of the employee and any new positions created from 01-01-2015 to 31-8 -2015, apart from the muximum number of the existing stuff during December 2014.


The subsidy amount for each day of full-time employment is defined as the sum of 18 euros per day for a maximum of 25 days of insurance per month. The grant for each day of part-time employment is defined in the amount of EUR 9 per day for a maximum of 23 days of insurance per month.


The grant amount covers both part of wage and non-wage costs.


Duration Grant – Commitments: The maximum duration of the grant for the new jobs created by the company is eleven (11) months and refer to the period from 01/01/2015 up to 11/30/2015.


If the new job which was created by the company was after 01/01/2015, you will receive the appropriate amount corresponding to the date of appointment of the person or persons up to the 11/30/2015.


Companies should keep after the grant both the number of subsidized and non-subsidized jobs for an equal period of the duration of the grant


B) Young Freelancers Enhancement


Beneficiaries: Former registered unemployed people who started entrepreneurial activity during the period from 01.01.2014 up to 08.31.2015, and still keep it until the day of submission of the qualification application to the project.


Applicants must fulfill the following conditions:


    1. To have the status of unemployed for whatever length of time during the six months preceding the start of their company and simultaneously not to be employed with the status of employee or not on the day preceding the start of entrepreneurial activity.


    1. Applicants must have a tax identification number and (men candidates) have fulfilled or legally relieved of their military obligations.


    1. The official initiation of entrepreneurial activity should have be done from 01.01.2014 up to 08.31.2015.


In the program individual enterprises are included as well as members (provided that they participate with at least 51% of the share capital):


– General partner (GP)


– Limited partners (LP), the only member of the general partner


– Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) and


– Private Capital Company (IKE)


Social Cooperative Companies (Koin.S.Ep.) of Law 4019 / 2011 have also the eligible to submit the application.


Grant Amount: The amount of the grant for each new freelance is a maximum 10.000,00 Euro, according to the adduced documents of eligible costs (excluding VAT) incurred from the date of beginning of the activity up to the date of the inspection.


Payment of the grant will be made once, following the approval decision of the Office after a positive spot check and under the administrative control.


Commitments: Beneficiaries undertake to maintain the operation of the company for a period of twelve (12) additional months from the date of the approval decision.


The applications to join the project will be submitted electronically to the relevant platform of OAED which will be activated for this purpose within the first fifteen days of November (the exact date will be defined in the Final Call). Electronic applications will be given priority, based on the time of the submission of application. The evaluation will be immediate and the approvals will be continued until the budget will be exhausted.