EmpowerAI Project Kicks Off in Patras

The kick-off meeting for the EmpowerAI project was held on December 18th-19th, 2023 in Patras, Greece. The meeting took place at the My Way Hotel and was attended by all project partners.

On the first day, we began with introductions and an overview of the project goals, objectives, and work packages. We then dug deeper into the project management, quality assurance, and risk management procedures that will guide the project. Discussion focused on establishing clear processes for administration, reporting, and monitoring project progress.

A large portion of Day 1 was devoted to planning for Work Package 2 on the “EmpowerAI Compendium” digital database. We mapped out existing case studies to draw from and brainstormed methods for identifying impactful best practices to highlight. By the end of the session, roles were defined for aggregating content and developing the structure of the database.

Attention then shifted to the development of the online AI training courses that will be created as part of Work Package 3. The courses “Ready Set Grow” and “I Am an AI Model” were presented, detailing their learning objectives and format. We provided input on the desired functionality of the e-learning platform that will host the courses.

On Day 2, we reviewed the project dissemination plan, including promotional materials, the website, and project’s intro video. Feedback was given to align outreach efforts with our target audiences. Before concluding, we confirmed upcoming milestones and deliverable deadlines to keep work streams on track going forward.

Over the span of the two days, the kick-off enabled aligned understanding of EmpowerAI’s goals while also fostering collaboration across partner organizations. We left Patras strengthened in our commitment to create impact through this AI education project.

Stay tuned for more exciting AI empowering experiences!

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