Entrepreneurship Course INTGEN

After almost seven months of successful implementation, the entrepreneurship course INTGEN “Intergenerational Mentoring” has come to an end. The course was implemented under the framework of the European project ERASMUS+ KA2 – INTGEN, in which p-consulting participates as a partner.

Training was included in business issues and startups and was implemented via:

    • Blended Learning, Ε-learning with parallel workshops
    • Mentoring

The mentoring procedure was carried out by experienced entrepreneurs, with significant knowhow in the field of entrepreneurship and creation of startups. Specifically, mentors were:

    • Panagiotis G Anastassopoulos & Charitini-Maria Skoulidi, Economists Founders of p-consulting company.
    • Lilika Vergi-Kafetzi ‎Director of Studies of the VERGI Educational Group, one of the biggest in the Region of Western Greece,
    • Karapanos Nikolaos, Owner of a bookstore in Patras,
    • Krotsis Spyros, Mathematician, mechanic engineer, maritime training instructor and owner of a yacht charter company.
    • Theodoropoulos Ilias, Economist, Vice President of the Economic Chamber of Northwest Peloponnese

We sincerely thank all mentors for their participation and their significant contribution to the successful implementation of the course.

The course was implemented in two phases

1st phase: 21.11.2016 – 01.02.2017, with the participation of 27 mentees
2nd phase: 22.03.2017 – 31.05.2017, with the participation of 23 mentees

The entrepreneurship course was attended by 50 mentees (Individually or in groups) in total.

Two of the teams which attended our course (ONE MIND: www.1mind.gr and REND: www.rend.store.), participated in a Panhellenic contest of innovation and startups, which was organised by Mindspace Challenge, with the support of the U.S. Embassy. One of them (REND, a multi – platform subscription based service for the mass rental of video games) won the contest and now they will travel to USA, to attend workshops and visit important innovation & entrepreneurship hubs. We congratulate both teams for their effort and their success.

Moreover, another team participated in a contest organised by Robert Bosch Stiftung. The contest is for the START – Create Cultural Change program, a program for cultural managers in Greece. The deadline for the applications was on May 31st and we are waiting for the results. Good luck to them!

The structure of the course, combined with the high level of the participants, created the ideal conditions for future collaboration between them.

As a result, three of the business ideas which were presented during the course have already been implemented by the creation of three new companies in the area of Patras and another two are expected to be created during the next months.

p-consulting would like to thank everybody involved in the implementation of INTGEN “Intergenerational Mentoring” entrepreneurship course. The successful implementation of the course would not be so successful without the support of the mentors and without the active participation of the mentees.

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