Entrepreneurship Hints and Tips IntGen

The Event

The Multiplier event of IntGen – Inter Generational Mentoring for Entrpereneurs project took place successfully at Patras on 19/5/2016. The people who attended this event surpassed any prediction and the participation of the INTGEN partners from Finland, United Kingdom, Spain and Belgium was crucial.

Mr Panagiotis G. Anastassopoulos from p-consulting.gr opened the event, and followed Mr Nikos Kotsonis, the General Director of the Federation of Enterprises and Industries of the Peloponnese and Western Greece, which supported the whole event, and Mr Pete Hodgson president of European Forum for Technical Vocational Education & Training invited the speakers

The Speakers

  • Dr Dimitris Koutoulas (from Koutoulas consulting and the University of Patras), elaborated on the Tourism sector
  • Mr David Amerland (Analyst at Thyratron S.A.), on the sector of Electronics and
  • Mr John Labropoulos ( founder and owner of Motoraid), on the sector of e-commerce

surpassed the theoretic procedures and presented their own experiences from their entrepreneurial lifetime. Examples on how to face everyday problems, the greek economical environment, FAQ’s on general strategic planning and finally the methods we have to trust for our own companies.

Entrepreneurship Hints and Tips IntGen

What really made the difference in this event were the open workshops after the speeches, where teams were created based on the business sector interest of the attendees. They analysed their own scepticism, asked their own questions and shared with the speakers their own fears as well with their own opticism

The results of these workshop tables were gathered and announced by the attendees themselves to all the audience and an analysis took place via dialogue.

The p-consulting.gr team is still at all interested entrepreneurs to be disposal and is already preparing such events, in order that entrepreneurship can be empowered in Greece.

Our team, faithful to youngsters, trusted the Chef’s Department of IIEK VERGI Educational Organisation to support the event’s catering and thus we thank all the students that gave their best to it!

Thank you for being there

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