Entrepreneurship School by Think Young

Entrepreneurship School by Think Young

After Brussels, Hong Kong and Madrid the Entrepreneurship School by Think Young is going to perform for first time in Greece, particularly in Athens from November 30 to December 4. The business school is the first school without teachers and lectures. It aims to bridge the gap between business education and innovative learning. Young people who are active or want to be active in the field of entrepreneurship will have the opportunity to come into engagement with successful entrepreneurs and experts. The opportunities provided to participants among others are:

• To broaden their business skillsEntrepreneurship School by Think Young
• To expand their network
• To meet standards that inspire them
• To change their way of thinking about the future

The business school is organized by the nonprofit organization Think Young, which activates since 2007 with offices in Brussels, Geneva and Hong Kong. The aim of Think Young is to create a better business environment for young people.

P-consulting will actively participate in the Business School, where meetings with new businesses or young people who intend to make their own businesses will take place, in order to provide business advisory services and training in entrepreneurship.

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The event is sponsored by the Foundation Coca Cola

Entrepreneurship School by Think Young

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