Establishing a community of practice for GreenVET

With our sight turned to the European Green Deal, which aims to establish Europe as the first climate neutral continent by 2050, GreenVET wishes to create a Community of Practice between Vocational Education and Training schools in favor of a more efficient education. Through the school network, which is to be created for the project, a European alliance is going to be formed as a motive in order to intensify the efforts towards environmental sustainability. 

Starting off from spring 2024, every VET school will determine their representatives who will be the spokespeople for their school community and after a survey on the levels of sustainability their school promotes is conducted, in the beginning of the school year 2024-2025, we will kick off the educational process. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in online workshops as well as in a unique chance of a face-to-face training session in Finland. 

In November 2024, the representatives are to travel to the city of Espoo, Finland, for a five-day educational meeting (04.11.2024-08-11-2024), to establish the foundation of the Community of Practice. There, they will come into contact with the rest of the community members, they will exchange ideas and opinions, and discuss the expected outcomes of the project. At the same time, they will be updated on the framework on which the reformation actions for their VET schools will be based and they will familiarize themselves with the assessment tools they will be using. Lastly, the representatives will align themselves with the forthcoming actions of the project. 

In a community where its functions are becoming more and more remote and online, it is especially important to keep the contact so as to strengthen the pillars of our relationships. Our meeting in Finland is going to be a way for us to come closer, learn from each other, support each other and give one another an extra motive in order to stay focused collectively and individually on our final goal: a green, oriented towards sustainability Europe. 

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