EU Leaders’ progress

The EU Leaders project

EU Leaders project is focusing on enhancing the competitiveness and productivity of businesses through the development of strategic e-leadership skills. The project will develop a range of digital tools for the assessment, development, and also certification of e-leadership skills, in order to meet the needs of the labor market and supporting the digital transformation of businesses.

The project’s progress.

The project started its journey in December 2021. In March 2022, the first transnational (kick off) online meeting of the project partners took place. During this meeting partners discussed about its implementation and outlined their next moves and tasks.

In May 2022, the project’s website, and profiles, on Facebook and LinkedIn, were created by Since March, the entire partnership had already begun gathering data so to create the first two project results. The Guidebook of inclusion of best practices on suitable digital working environments and the e-Leadership Model adopted within tech-based (TBO) and non-tech-based organisations (NTO). Partners gathered data from organizations, even outside their countries of origin, regarding good practices of e-leadership.

The partnership is meeting online approximately twice a month to effectively implement the project and its deliverables. From October 2022 until December 2022, the partners conducted focus groups in order to collect information from TBO and NTBO.

πορεία του έργου EU Leaders 1

The questions for the focus groups of NTBO concerned the traditional and innovative management, based on the changes occurring due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also the emerge of businesses to adjust to new corporate cultures. While the questions for the focus groups of TBO concerned e-leadership styles, web- based teaching and learning approaches, remote strategies, and culture, monitoring individuals progress remotely, and the use of web-based tools (for measuring productivity, engagement, work progress, etc.). For more information about the Focus Groups conducted by check here!πορεία του έργου EU Leaders 2

In December 2022, the partners met for the second transnational meeting, this time in person, in Leipzig. In this meeting they discussed and planned their next steps as well as the progress of the project so far.

While the first two project results are in their final stages, the creation of the third project result, the e-Leaders’ High-tech Course, has already started and the first draft is already ready. The transnational meeting will take place in Cyprus, around spring. The partners will continue to meet online every two weeks until the meeting in order to complete all the necessary tasks for the implementation of the project.

Stay tuned! The first project results are almost ready!

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