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European Award

the idea…

jopapp-awardThe idea for the JopApp project began a quiet afternoon of 2014 in Brussels. After a long day we sat in the lobby of the hotel with Lithuanian, Belgian, Portuguese and Basque friends. The conversation started with girlfriend Rasa Zygmantaite from the University of Mariampoles, Lithuania, about the problems faced by students who practice abroad.

from idea to project

jopapp-awardThis conversation has evolved into a wonderful experience. Life experience one would say! From the preparation of the proposal, the festivities in its approval (it was only then our second European project), the difficulties in implementation, the mutual support of the partners, the successive communications with the respective national authorities, the anxiety and the satisfaction . We still remember the smiles of young students in Thessaloniki at the EfVET Conference last year that they thanked us for this “cool JopApp thing”.

the experience

There are many times when professional life touches personal and one shapes the other. In this case, professional life has given a lot to our personal! Professional relationships have developed into personal friendships, and even today there are moments that we meet across Europe, and we still wonderfully remember moments of infinite laughter (which at that time were moments of great anxiety and difficulty) and fill us full.

European Award 1
Jopapp 03

This experience filled us with joyful moments and intense ones.

It still fills us as soon as we just learned that our project is now an Example of Good Practice from the European Union! Great honour but also satisfaction for our efforts.

Efforts which their non-material reward is priceless!

That’s why we love our work!

Thanks Europe

thank you: ANESPO, ZubiriManteo, Marijampoles University of Applied Sciences and EfVET.


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