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Everything you need to know about Connecting Europe!

A few words about Connecting Europe!

Let’s find out a few basic things about Connecting Europe! project. The project started its implementation in January 2022. The partnership, apart from from Greece, consists of nine (9) other organisations from Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Malta.

The aim of the project is to showcase the genuine and transparent cooperation between Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, intermediary organizations and employers, will facilitate the mobility of students and increase the European collaboration between institutions involved in Erasmus+ mobilities.

Target Groups

Connecting Europe! focuses mainly on those involved in hospitality, healthcare and technical sectors. The project is addressed to:

  • VET Providers and Students
  • Companies and intermediary organisations involved in the Erasmus + KA1 mobilizations
  • Employers
  • Stakeholders and companies representing the Hospitality, Healthcare and Technical sectors.

The aim of the project

Connecting Europe! project

The aim of the project is to modernize the way hosting and sending organizations deliver Erasmus+ KA1 mobilities in a way that enables VET students within the Hospitality, Healthcare and Technical sector take part in high quality and inclusive learning opportunities through blended Erasmus+ KA1 mobilities. Furthermore, the project aims to develop frameworks, recommendations, skills matrixes and (self-) evaluation tools that can be used when setting up collaborative Erasmus+ consortiums/ partnerships.

In addition, the project aims to develop transparent and qualitative support services for students in a way that enables and encourages inclusion of all students and internationalization at home. Finally, the project aims to increase the capacity of organizations involved in Erasmus+ mobilities to collaborate transparently transnationally and across sectors.

Project results

Connecting Europe!, with its implementation, will create a Virtual Course that will prepare VET students within the hospitality, technical and healthcare sector for their Erasmus+ KA1 mobility and gives them the skills needed to work in a multicultural environment.

Connecting Europe! project

Another project result, will be a suite of Tools supporting VET providers to identify and recognize 21st century skills and other soft skills that helps VET students succeed in the world of work but that are currently not identified and recognized formally due to a lack of tools, will be implemented by the partners and will be used beyond the project’s lifespan when sending and hosting students on Erasmus+ mobilities.

This is another innovation of the project, because at the moment, these skills are not officially recognized due to lack of tools.

These tools will be implemented by the partners and will be used beyond the duration of the project, during the sending and hosting of students in Erasmus + mobilizations.

The project’s progress

As you read these lines, the project partners have planned the kickoff meeting, at the end of May, in Malta. The kickoff meeting is the first formal face 2 face meeting of the project, during that meeting, procedures of utmost importance are carried out, such as the clarification of various concepts and definitions, for a common terminology.

In this meeting, partners will present their organizations they represent, will get to know each other and will lay the foundations for the implementation and progress of the project.


The partnership consists of the following organisations:

  1. Axxell Utbildning AB, from Finland.
  2. Education & Mobility (Stiker Global Services), from Spain.
  3. UNISER SOC.COOP.ONLUS, from Italy.
  4. Galway and Roscommon Education & Training Board, from Ireland.
  5. Dialogue Diversity Unipossoal Lda, from Portugal.
  6. IZI Ltd (Easy Job Bridge), from Malta.
  7. Calasanz Santurtzi S.L., from Spain.
  8. Kainuum Ammattiopisto, from Finland.
  9. Scuola Centrale Formazione Associazione SCF, from Italy.
  10., from Greece.

Finally, it is very important to mention that has already created the project’s web platform, where you will find more details about the project, the partnership, the project results, the latest news and of course communication information. In addition, is responsible for the design of the brochure, poster and promotional video.

Stay tuned for more news here!

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