Final meeting for the European Project TechSenior in Patras

Today 2nd October 2018 at p-consulting offices, started the final meeting of the European Project TechSenior. The Project lasted 2 years and aimed at bridging the gap between the seniors and technology. It has enabled older people to become familiar with technology and the internet use.

During the project were implemented training programs for seniors in 4 European countries (Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark), by project partners.

All partners developed the learning material which was uploaded to the e-learning platform on the website of the Project

An important part of the two-day meeting, will also be the personal experiences of trainees in Greece, who will talk about their experience, in what way training program helped them in their daily life and how easy is for them to use new technology.

The meeting will close with the presentation of the results of the training programs to partner’s countries and the actions which will be taken for the sustainability of the project.


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