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Newsletter of Think Twice! project

The 1st Newsletter of Think Twice! has just been released and posted on the website of the Project and

By reading the Newsletter you can get information about:

  • The aim of the project Think Twice!, which is to raise businesses’ awareness of ecological sustainability, in relation both in day to day activities and to the project management (and not only) of European funded projects.
  • The target groups of the project Think Twice!, such as project management executives (experienced and non-experienced),  funded project management bodies and companies, educational organizations providing training programs for project management executives, NGOs dealing with sustainable management issues.
  • The tools to be produced, which are a Curated Treasury containing good practice for sustainable project management of European funded projects and a Stress Test for project management executives, in order to assess the ecological sustainability of their projects through the gamification method, and then to be trained in ecologically sustainable project management.
  • The 1st Trasnational Meeting, which was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in which was discussed issues related to actions for the development of Think Twice! outputs.

You can keep up to information about Think Twice! through the following links:

Website ThinkTwice

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Stay tuned for the next actions of the project!

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