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Focus groups for EU Leaders project

What is a focus group;

Focus group is a research method in which small groups of people are brought together to gain ‘shared experiences’ by answering questions, to collect data through a semi-structured group discussion. The groups are selected due to predetermined characteristics and the questions are designed to shed light on the topics each focus group focuses on.

EU Leaders project

The aim of the EU Leaders project is to enhance the competitiveness and productivity of businesses through the development of strategic e-leadership skills necessary for their executives, to manage their teams effectively and efficiently in virtual work environments.

The project will develop a range of digital tools for the assessment, development, and certification of e-leadership skills, in order to meet the needs of the labor market and supporting the digital transformation of businesses.

In the current phase of the project, partners are conducting focus groups in their countries in order to share their results. The focus groups will help to the creation and development of the project results and more specifically, the e-leadership Model that is adopted by organizations based on technology (Tech Based Organisation – TBO ) as well as those that are not based on technology (Non Tech Based Organisation – NTBO).

Focus Groups of

Since the end of October until the end of November, the focus groups were held by in the frame of EU Leaders project. Executives from Tech Based Organisations (TBO) and Non-Tech Based Organisations (NTBO) participated in the focus groups of The groups were selected to answer questions designed to shed light on the topic of e-leadership.

The focus groups were conducted in person and online. The average duration of the focus groups was about 60′, while the questions answered per organization were 14 – 16.

The questions for the focus groups of NTBO concerned:

  • traditional and innovative management, based on the changes occurring due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • the emerge of businesses to adjust to new corporate cultures.

While the questions for the focus groups of TBO concerned:

  • E-leadership styles,
  • web- based teaching and learning approaches,
  • remote strategies and culture,
  • monitoring individuals progress remotely,
  • the use of web-based tools (for measuring productivity, engagement, work progress, etc.).

See below some snapshots from the focus groups conducted by

For conducting the focus groups of NTBOs, we sincerely thank:

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 7  Agelopoulou Evgenia – Administation CBL Patras 

CBL of Patras is the global peptide production technology company. It is one of the largest suppliers of peptide materials in the world. Learn more about CBL here!

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 8  Kalogeropoulos Evangelos – Co-Owner of Animi Wood Workshop

Animi Wood Workshop is a production company of wooden constructions and toys based in Crete. Learn more about Animi Wood Workshop here

Kalogeropoulos Evangelos is one of the two owners of the company Animi Wood Workshop, which started its journey in 2017. Evangelos Kalogeropoulos is in charge of the design part, having worked for several years as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 9  Stassinopoulos Asimakis – COO Agile Coach of TOBEA.

TOBEA is the manufacturing company of SEATRAC. SEATRAC enables people with mobility problems to enter and exit the sea autonomously – without the help of an accompanying person. Learn more about TOBEA here!

Asimakis Stassinopoulos is an Electrical Engineer (Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K.), with postgraduate studies in Telecommunications & Networks (University of Salford, School of Computing, Science & Engineering, Salford, U.K.). He has many years of experience and deep knowledge of Project Management, Analysis and Design Methodologies, holding Scrum & PRINCE2 certifications. In total he has thirteen (15) years of experience as an Engineer & Project Manager. 

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 10  Melissaropoulos Georgios – Repl4astic

Repl4astic is a company that creates 100% recycled products with 0% waste and promotes the transition from a linear (take-make-dispose) to a circular economy. Learn more about Repl4stic here!

Melissaropoulos Georgios is an entrepreneur who has founded many different companies in Greece and abroad in the last two decades. He has graduated from the University of Nantes in Scotland, he holds bachelor in Management and IT and a Master in Sustainable Management from the University of Cambridge. His knowledge and experience in the sustainability of companies without harming the environment is decisive for the development of innovative initiatives.

For conducting the focus groups of TBOs, we sincerely thank:

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 11  Archimandrites Gregory – Co-Founder & Vice-President of InterMediaKT

InterMediaKT is a Non-Governmental/Non-Profit Organization that focuses on education, training and innovation. Learn more about IntermediaKT here!

Archimandrites Gregory with a bachelor in Balkan Studies, has the advantage of “know-how” in geo-economic strategies, as well as the know-how to work with professionals with common goals, making him a valuable consultant. His professional background has allowed him to participate in various groups such as professional networks, cultural associations and youth groups with good results in each task. 

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 12  Kalogirou Sotirios – Co-Owner of Citiwave

Citiwave is a Fiber provider and provides high-speed wireless Internet and telephony. Learn more about Citiwave here

Kalogirou Sotirios is Co-Founder & CTO της Citiwave.  He is a Hardware and Software Engineer. He has worked as Managing Director at Ansr, as Hardware Development Support Staff and Hardware/Software Engineer at ΑΤΜΕL.

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 13  Boukouvalas Ioannis – Digital Marketing Manager at :eight

:eight is a web agency that provides custom website creation services and Digital Marketing services. Learn more about Eight8 here!

Boukouvalas Ioannis is the head of :eight’s Digital Marketing Department. He is a graduate of the Departments of Infrastructure Projects and Interior Decoration. He has developed his strategic leadership and management skills through educational training at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and many years of experience as an F&B Manager. He, with the help of his team manages over 25 professional Social Media accounts. 

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 14  Anezinis Vasilis – NetCompany IntraSoft manager

Netcompany – Intrasoft is a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group with a strong international presence and know-how, offering innovative high-quality value-added solutions to a wide range of international and national public and private organizations.

Anezinis Vasilis is Delivery Manager and Principal Consultant at Netcompany-Intrasoft. He was Senior Software Engineer at CYTA. Furthermore, he was Applications Technology Consultant at Oracle Hellas and was Software Engineer at IT Department at European Reliance AEGA. Before European Reliance,he was at Multilab SA as a Software Engineer – Team Leader. He holds Master of Scuence (MSc), Msc in Information Technology, university of Patras and Bachelor in Economical Science and Accounting. 

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 15   Fevos Bekiris – founder and General Manager NRG METRICS

NRG METRICS is a company that provides accurate data about corporate governance. The company believes that the lack of information on corporate governance matters and especially on the field of ownership structure is an important disadvantage, their goal is to fill this gap. Learn more about ΝRG METRICS here!

Fevos Bekiris is the founder and General Manager of NRG METRICS since 2008. He is lecturer at Athens University of Economics since 2006. He has studied Business Administration, Economics and Corporate Governance.

Focus groups for EU Leaders project 16 Irene Ioannidou – Founder & Creative Director Vongrid

Vongrid is a Creative Agency which creates a range of elegant digital experiences. Their portfolio consists of a variety of interactive content, games & digital multimedia. Learn more about Vongrid here!

Irene Ioannidou is the Founder and Creative Director of the Creative Agency Vongrid. Furthermore, she is the Head of the Department of Information Technology and Electronics at Delta 360, in Patras.  She holds a postgraduate specialization in “Computer Science and Technology” and “Teaching of Positive Sciences and Informatics” and has been involved in the development of multimedia applications and educational games for the last 8 years.


We got a taste of e-leadership and heard interesting opinions!

Stay tuned for the results of the focus groups, of all partners, of the EU Leaders project!

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