Fraud and corruption policy

Fraud and corruption policy 1 based on the values of transparency and of honest professional development, has developed this policy, which concerns fraud, bribery, and corruption, in the context of business activity.

The non-tolerance of these kind of activities, concerns not only the activities of ’s staff but also the adoption of those practices by third parties towards the company, for favorable treatment.

It is expressly prohibited to any entity that is part of, to offer money, or any kind in return, material or non material, to any government agency or entity, individuals or businesses, with the purpose of obtaining a corporate advantage, or for influencing actions and decisions. Particularly:

  • favorable customer treatment,
  • breach of company’s information and data,
  • breach of clients’ or partners’ information and data to competitors or other interested parties,
  • know-how,
  • methodologies, planning and company’s practices,
  • financial data of the company, or its partners to third parties.

Correspondingly, states as Administration but also its staff, that will not accept any kind of bribery from third parties to disclose confidential information and data, or more favorable treatment. In particular, the company stands towards to practices of bribery for the following:

  • more favorable treatment of clients by giving them benefits or priority,
  • disclosure company information and data,
  • disclosure information and data of its clients and partners to other companies or partners for eavesdropping,
  • disclosure of company’s know-how,
  • methodologies, planning and company’s practices,
  • financial information of the company or its clients to third parties. strongly believes that success relies on the continuous satisfaction of its customers. Success based in trustful relationships and honesty and not in irregular methodologies and practices. For the achievement of this specific goal, all human resources, from Administration to executives and staff, participate in the company’s processes, based on the above values. Building a strong relationship of trust with its clients, constitutes a main aim of the company and in order to achieve it, a set of policies has been developed that formulate the culture and also the way of thinking and acting of

The Policy is reviewed annually or when it’s required by internal or external demand.

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