Governance of urban green spaces featured

Governance of urban green spaces

Interactive Database for the creation and governance of urban green spaces in collaboration with organisations from Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Cyprus and Portugal, are developing an innovative Interactive Database, containing information on the creation and governance of urban green spaces.

This digital tool will provide guidance on the national environmental protection and preservation system, accessible environment information and list of support and mediating organisations that can provide advice, advocacy and practical support in transformation of shared spaces.

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The Interactive Database will also contain information on the existing legislation and standards in Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal regarding shared green spaces and their creation, including potential roles and obligations of different community actors. Moreover, users will be able to learn about operating organizations in the above countries, which develops actions related to the transformation of public urban areas into green spaces.


This digital tool is being developed under the implementation of the Erasmus+ Project “Co-Education in Green”, in which is participating as project partner.

The “Co-Education in Green” project is aiming to empower adult educators in community education, giving emphasis on environmental and accessibility issues for people with disabilities.

You can constantly be informed about the project activities of “Co-education in Green” project, through the website & Facebook account of and project’s Facebook page!

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