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growth vs fixed

growth mindset vs fixed mindset 3We have heard several times about a different way of thinking that characterizes some people. We have heard several times about a different way of thinking, that characterizes some people. Research has shown, that there are two ways of thinking: fixed and growth. More specifically, Dr. Carissa Romero, a researcher at Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, has been studying for years students trying to figure out what makes them succeed or not, with a key criterion their way of thinking.

Fixed Mindset

People with fixed mindset believe that their skills and talents are predefined. They have a certain level of talent and charisma and those characterictics can not grow further. So people in this mindset are only concerned about how effective they are. They firmly believe that the team that wins must not change!

Growth Mindset

People with growth mindset see their skills as features that can be developed through a continuous effort. They are definitely pleased if they are lucky or talented, but that’s just the beginning. They understand that no one has succeeded without years of passionate practice and learning

Based on the results of this research, success depends on how we choose to deal with situations. Success as well as failure in whatever we choose to deal with (socially, personally, professionally) depends primarily on us.

“Our life is totally connected with our choices and decisions.”


Every day we have the opportunity to face a challenge, something new that we have not done before. It is in human nature to have fear for the unknown, but it is our choice if we take this opportunity. Many avoid these daily challenges and try not to follow up on issues that they do not know how to deal with. People with growth mindset look for and choose to engage in new challenges because they know they will learn something new and will gain experience. Fixed mindset personalities on the other hand, avoid this involvement, and finds ways to keep distance.

People with growth mindset

love knowledge = experience

People with fixed mindset love

security = ordinary


As with the challenges, the obstacles are considered as threat. They appear in our everyday life in many different ways. Fixed mindsetters are changing their daily procedures when they realize upcoming obstacles, because they are convinced that they can not make it and they can not cope with something that requires risk. The difference of people with growth mindset is the persistence. It is this feeling of success, which comes after much work and perseverance. This satisfaction that hard work is finally rewarded, even after many failures.

People with growth mindset love

hard work = knowledge

People with fixed mindset love

stability = avoiding mistakes


Criticism for our work is one of the most important elements of success, and the reason is that criticism leads to a more integrated approach. For many people, it is very difficult to accept the criticism and admit deficiencies in our personality. We have the survival instinct within us, and criticism is a form of threat to humans, according to the science of psychology. If we accept criticism of our work, of ourselves or any other matter as a form of knowledge, then the feedback transforms to a different connotation. Criticism for people with growth mindset is essential, they accepting it, they decoding it creative , they evaluating it, and  they tend to apply everything that will help them succeed. On the other hand, criticism for those who have a fixed mindset is unnecessary, they hear it, but they are not as receptive to any changes in their behavior. On the contrary, they are entirely interested in good external testimony.

Both people with growth mindset and fixed mindset love success.

They are only differentiated in the way they will conquer it!


It’s a matter of choice how you will get involved with the challenges, how you will face the obstacles and how you will understand and benefit from the criticism. No matter the way you choose, do not hesitate!

E.L. & A.P.

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