GUIDE partners met in Patras!

The GUIDE project.

The GUIDE project aims to help Career Guidance Professionals, to ensure that all genders can choose among opportunities based on interest and ability, rather than gender. During the project’s implementation a set of learning resources and methods will be developed and will be available to CGPs, universities, and other training providers to support all genders in making career decision without using gender stereotypes.

The Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) in Patras.

Project partners met in Patras, on 26.09.2023 – 27.09.2023, the meeting was hosted by During the 2nd TPM representatives of all organizations of the partnership participated.

The TPM was fruitful and productive. Partners discussed their progress and set their next steps for the successful implementation of the project. There was a flurry of ideas for its dissemination activities and several presentations on the planning of project results.

The feedback received, in the previous period, from Career Guidance Professionals, on the development of the first project result, the Digital Tool for identifying gender stereotypes in career decisions, was valuable for its development and completion. The tool will be completed towards the end of 2023. From November 2023 to February 2024, partners will hold Open Events to promote this tool.

Next month, the project will be presented at the EfVET annual conference, which will be held in Rhodes, with over 250 participants. will present the project at a round table. The aim is to encourage open dialogue, the exchange of ideas and the active participation of all participants, promoting a more inclusive and collaborative atmosphere.

The project is evolving and progressing dynamically! See some snapshots of our meeting in Patras.


Stay tuned for more!

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