Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy 1 envisions the creation of a working environment, suitable for the activities and services it offers, but also safe and healthy for all company’s employees. understands the issues related to the health of employees, but also the safety of the workplace, as a single and integral part of its business and strategic culture.

According to the above, but also in order to provide a healthy and safe working environment, which will help to protect the life, well-being, but also the health, mental and physical, of its employees, is committed, to:

  • Its compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements regarding health and safety at work.
  • The organization and development of a safe working environment, without risks to which employees will be exposed, such as:
    – bare wires,
    – fragile objects in visible or accessible places,
    – rusty surfaces etc.
  • Prevention of all undesirable situations, elimination of risks and their reduction, through the identification, evaluation and regular updating of risks and opportunities for safety and health in the entire range of operations. From disconnecting electrical devices when they are not in use, to replacing them when they have reached the end of their useful life.
  • Cleaning and upkeep of common areas, reorganizing them when required.
  • Cultivating a culture of respect and coexistence, which will lead to the quality of relationships among employees, but also to their mental and physical well-being.
  • The training and information of the employees regarding the diseases related to the long hours of use of computers, but also their avoidance. Vision problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, orthopedic problems among others and in what simple ways they can be prevented.
  • The training and information of employees, with the aim of raising their awareness and positive behavior in matters of mental and physical health and safety

Regarding the pandemic of Covid-19, continues to strictly follow all the necessary measures, for the protection of all its staff, but also to limit the spread of the virus. According to the above:

  • The use of a protective mask is mandatory in all areas of the company’s facilities, to avoid the spread of the virus among the staff.
  • provides a free self-test to all staff every week, so that there is an understanding of the health status of the staff, and the corresponding measures can be taken, if this is deemed necessary.
  • The company applies a rotating remote working schema, so that there is not going to be many people in the company’s physical facilities.
  • The facilities are naturally ventilated, and the surfaces used are disinfected in a daily basis. is committed to the continuous monitoring of the Applicable Legislation, as well as to the development of its practices and methods, to offer a safe and healthy working environment (mentally and physically) for all employees and partners / customers.

The policy is reviewed annually or upon internal or external demand.

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