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How to search on Google

How to search on Google


Internet provides a huge amount of data on science, literature, medicine, animals, global socio-economic conditions, and anything you can imagine! Practically it involves multiple information which user – by typing the appropriate “keyword” – can take as a result the information he needs.


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IT professionals have to follow specific methods in order to be effective in elders training. One of them is trying to teach seniors how to search. Elders should understand that internet does not look like a phone call. They do not have to search the information they are looking for in long sentences. As smaller and clearer their searches are, the more targeted the results will be.

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The most popular and effective search engine is Google It is good for seniors to know that first we type google.com and then we type the information we need into the text box with the magnifying glass, which is also the global symbol of the internet search. Google is responsible for guiding us and showing us the right result we need.


How to search

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1. In the text box, type what we are looking for.

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2. After typing what we are looking for, select “Google Search” or press the “Enter” button on the keyboard.


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3. Shows us the search results for what we typed


During Google search, we should not forget that it is a searching engine, not a human. As we noticed above, search does not require whole sentences but the right keywords. For example if we are looking for a cake form and we type “form”, probably it appear as a result athletic forms or shapes probably it will shop different kind of forms (document forms, electronic forms, registration forms, e.t.c.). But if we choose to type “cake form”, google will “read” that we are looking for patisserie products and it will show up the results we are interested in.

SlowLearning aims to develop tools and methods for the education of elders in technology. The difficulties elders face on learning new things combined with the rapid pace of technology, must take into consideration from educators and IT professionals. They should be able to educate efficiently elders so that they can continue to be active members of the e-society.


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