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How to teach a senior on IT?

Job Profile for IT trainers of seniors, in collaboration with the other partners of Erasmus+ project SlowLearning, are working on the development of the Job Profile for IT trainers of older people.

The Job Profile will be an innovative tool for IT professionals and trainers who are involved in training programs for seniors. It will be a useful document, as it will provide specialised information and guidance on the techniques they can use, based on the specific training needs of this group of trainees.

How to teach a senior on IT? 1

The aim of the Job Profile is to form the profile of the profession of IT trainers of seniors. For this purpose, it will introduce the cognitive parameters that compose the specific profession.

The Job Profile is foreseen to be ready soon and it will be available in English, Greek, Slovenian, Danish and Spanish.

The SlowLearning project is being implemented under the framework of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and it is aiming to enhance the knowledge and skills of IT professionals and trainers, in order to train effectively older people.


Stay with us to be informed about the publication of the Job Profile!

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