Hvet – Research in the context of developing a diagnostic tool for Hybrid Education

One of the deliverables of the hvet project is taking its final form after research conducted in 5 countries and involving hundreds of teachers and educators in vocational education and training (VET) structures. It is none other than the free diagnostic tool that will investigate the abilities of educators to create and conduct hybrid courses simultaneous in-person and distance learning.

The project experts created a survey in the form of a questionnaire addressed to educators in Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, and Turkey who work in VET structures. The purpose was to understand the readiness level of these educators in conducting hybrid courses. Analyzing the term hybrid educational environment, we would say it refers to a class consisting of students receiving instructions in-person and students receiving instructions remotely at the same time, with all collaborating with each other.

With this research, we managed to collect the necessary data needed to give the diagnostic tool its final form. We will soon be back to present both the tool and the other results of the hvet project.

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