iLearn4Health – The Kick – Off Meeting is happening!

As we speak, ladies and gentlemen, in Patras, Greece, right now, 10 people from all over Europe are analyzing, setting goals, identifying risks, and envisioning the future of a rather interesting Erasmus+ project: iLearn4Health is a fact!

iLearn4Health is a project that focuses on delivering high quality health education to primary school students, while at the same time training their teachers on innovative teaching practices and the exciting DGBL method! Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL) is an innovative method in supporting children to the learning process not only in classes, but also by distance. Worry not if DGBL sounds Greek to you, as details are coming soon!

Main Objectives

The 8 partners have arrived in every way possible from Cyprus, Romania, Poland, and Spain, apart from Greece, for a 2-day Meeting in our beautiful city, regarding the goals and objectives of iLearn4Health. The project’s goal is spread across 3 main points:

  • Enabling the teachers and children to develop a scientific point of view of health, with reference to traditional and modern concept of health.
  • Allowing teachers to provide high-quality health education by using a Curricula based on that concept.
  • Promote Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL) in primary schools.

iLearn4Health – The Kick – Off Meeting is happening! 3

Project Results

Through iLearn4Health, 3 project results are going to be produced:

  • Electronic Diagnostic Tool to diagnose the effectiveness of the DGBL method on children’s learning.

The Electronic Diagnostic Tool identifies the factors that influence the effectiveness of DGBL on students.

  • Digital Educational Games for health promotion and health education in primary schools

Creation of 6 (six) games, suitable for children aged 6-12, with animations and graphics where needed. All games are focused to health education and promotion

  • Online Training Program in Health Promotion and Health Education through DGBL.

A Training Program which focuses on teachers/head teachers in primary schoolsand how they can promote health education to children 6-12 years old.

During our 2-day Meeting all partners are going to speak their minds on the project’s main objectives, activities, deliverables and how these are going to come to life, practices on how to inform the target groups on the existence of the project, as well as define the next steps.

The Partners

The partnership consists of the following organizations:iLearn4Health – The Kick – Off Meeting is happening! 4

  1. University of Patras – Greece
  2. -Greece
  3. COMCY – Cyprus
  4. Agia Napa Primary School – Antoni Tsokkou – Cyprus
  5. FSLI – Romania
  6. OIC Poland Foundation – Poland
  7. Centro San Viator – Spain
  8. Errotu – Spain


We are very excited for these 2 days, the project as a whole, as well as what is coming next!

Stay tuned! A storm of news is on the way!

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