Immigrants in Europe

Immigrants in Europe

The refugee problem is one of the most important phenomenon that causes problems and serious public health issues of the century. Due to many serious factors as poor economic conditions, lack of opportunities, discrimination, political oppression, war etc., many people are “pushed” away from their countries and migrate. Today, more than 65 million people are forcibly displaced because of some of the above issues, and made their way to Europe. Many of these people arrive in Europe after land or sea journeys and require basic humanitarian assistance. An important point is, that many of these people are children, who have also special needs.

The migration flows in some European Countries, such as Italy and Greece thought, is sometimes overwhelming and the national emergency response capabilities are not enough. The last years many refugees have traveled through Greece in search of safety and a better life in Europe. With the closure of the Balkan borders, they cannot continue journeys and they endure the added stress of uncertainty and constant waiting.

Naturally, these people need mental-health counseling and support. Also, there is a need a to cooperate with local partners to ensure that refugees are integrated into their new communities. Following the above, the European Project SCORE, Erasmus+ KA2, will increase the skills of local professionals working with refugees.

The innovation of the project.

This project SCORE, Erasmus+ KA2, is an innovative framework of education of professionals in working with refugees. SCORE looks at a good practice in care of refugees and asylum seekers except the first entrance and hot spot areas. The project will also help to educate the local societies on the refugee humanitarian problem. The refugees and asylum seekers can make positive contribution to society provided the right circumstances. By strengthening and developing the social care services we are going to have positive social impact results.

Partners of the Project.

Project partners are operators from Greece (p-consulting and University of Patras), Italy (FORMA.Azione, ARCI Perugia), Spain (Centro San Viator, Errotu) and Denmark (SOSU Østjylland).


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