Important news about Slow Learning

As we approach the end of Slow Learning, together with the other partners of the project, continue their actions at a feverish pace!

In their effort to make the digital world easy for seniors, they have dedicated themselves, among other things, to the training of IT trainers.To bridge the gap between trainers and learners, they have created a digital training programme for trainers and other IT professionals.

The training program

As each age group has its own teaching and pedagogical challenges that an instructor is called upon to meet, so does the elderly.

News about Slow Learning projectThe Training Program for IT Teachers for Seniors is designed to help the trainee become more familiar with the needs, difficulties, characteristics and abilities of people of advanced age.

In summary, the modules of the programme are:

  • How to teach seniors?
  • Motivation (motivation to learn)
  • Digital security
  • Electronic Interaction
  • Payment, purchases and internet buying

All modules are analyzed in detail and structured, covering a wide range of information. In this way, it is a useful tool for the trainer.

The Training Programme will be available on the toy Slow Learning website from 01/03/22.

But the partner actions are still going on! Throughout February, Multiplier Events of the whole project are planned in all partner countries.

Multiplier Event in Greece

In Greece,, is organizing an online multiplier event for 28/02/22. Expect more information about the event soon!

You can find out more about the project in the 4th newsletter.

Stay tuned for more news!

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