“In the footsteps of QUAHVET”

QUAHVET, our program under the Erasmus+ framework aimed at informing and encouraging students to choose High Vocational and Training Organizations for their education through the development of specialized models to enhance the vocational orientation process, is already in its early months of existence.

At this stage of project implementation, research is being conducted in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Sweden to collect primary data concerning the status regarding the attractiveness of Vocational Education and Training in these countries and its image to the public.

The need for this research arises from the observation that in an ever-changing European professional environment, there is a demand for employees with technical skills as well as knowledge of the construction and use of new models and tools that are constantly being developed.

The necessity for technical skills has in turn led to the widespread development of High Vocational and Training Organizations (HVET), for which there is, however, a gap in information for both students and graduates of secondary education. The same gap is encountered in information regarding prospects and professional rehabilitation following the completion of such provided training.

Our research aims to identify the reasons and causes for this knowledge gap regarding High Vocational Education and Training in Greece as well as in the project’s partner countries (Italy, Spain, and Sweden).

Stay tuned to see the results of the research and the next steps on the QUAHVET journey.

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