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InclEUsion: “ACCESS” Interactive Database

The European project inclEUsion aims to tackle multiple discriminations and combat them through the development of new approaches and tools for adult educators working with immigrants with disabilities. Project partners are from Spain, Italy, Germany, Cyprus and Greece.

InclEUsion: “ACCESS” Interactive Database 1The 1st intellectual output of inclEUsion project is the interactive database “ACCESS”. It is a resource of essential information and directories for adult educators to use as reference and guidance. The database contains information from partners’ countries and European Union, regarding:

  • legislation,
  • social services,
  • guidance on the national social welfare and protection system,
  • accessibility information
  • list of support and mediating organisations.

For each of the above categories, there are 2 distinct sections: one regarding issues which affect immigrants and another one regarding issues which affect people with disabilities.

The interactive database is ready in all partners’ language and it is available on project’s website.

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