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Whιch is the importance of innovation in the modern business environment?



Innovation is a term, widely disseminated during recent years and is used very often for anything new and different. In every event and meeting, relevant to entrepreneurship and development, the word innovation, is if not the protagonist, what attracts the most interest. Furthermore, lately, the term innovation, tends to become synonymous with that of “startup” business.


Both innovation and startups have become very “hot” terms in the business environment. Their use has become popular and are spread at such extent, that use them even people who have so much to do with entrepreneurship, as much as Steve Jobs had to do with Microsoft.


We could analyze what is innovation for hours, how it is applied, where we find it etc, but actually what is innovation?


What is described as innovation in the business world, is the new way to do something and this in a more effective and efficient way. However, for each one of us, the term innovation is unique and special. Something that is innovative for someone, for someone else may not be as new or effective.


Innovation is distinguished in two parts. The first part concerns the identification, and the second part the implementation.


The StartUp enterprises are the result of the second part of innovation. The second part is the one which is open to all interventions. Is open to advice, mentoring, financing, marketing, development, modification, everything. The first part, is open anyhow. This part makes innovation difficult, special and fascinating at the same time. In order to get to the second part and use all the above tools, you must pass through the first, with only instrument your mind and your imagination.


In the 21st century, the century of information, everything can be learned except imagination. No matter how many efforts you make in this direction they will never help someone who has no imagination, to acquire it through education.


Actually, imagination and creative thinking lead to the first part of innovation.


Imagination not only helps you to see entrepreneurship as a line of history from the past to today, but it is the reason that raises you up, to see extension of the line in the future. In order to see tomorrow, you should see the timeline from above, history, changes, mutations, process, needs, today.


Looking at all these, you will reveal innovation in the future , and you will have taken an important step to come closer to the second part of innovation, and from there, to own your startup business. The way to innovation is difficult, but the reward is proportional to the difficulty.


P.G.A & G.T

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