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Innovation in VET

The contribution of VETin3D project

Strengthening Vocational Education and Training (VET) is one of the main objectives of European Union over the last years. The reason is that VET can boost economic and social innovation.

In addition, according to CEDEFOP, innovation in the form of:

  • new forms of cooperation,
  • targeted changes in curricula and teaching methodologies,
  • increasingly and more specialized use of technology,

contributes to the modernization of Vocational Education and Training.

The importance of VET in various sectors of economy and society can be seen through the development and implementation of various initiatives and projects throughout the European Union. One of these projects is VETin3D.


What is VETin3D about?

The VETin3D project is aiming to the:Innovation in VET 1

  • development of activities through which VET actors from all over Europe will have the opportunity to exchange good practices and discuss about innovation in VET.
  • improvement of the skills of VET trainers on new – innovative training methods.
  • enhancement of the importance of the 3 dimensions of VET: entrepreneurship, social inclusion, technology enhanced learning.
  • implementation of initiatives for improving the competences in VET practitioners at European level.
  • networking between VET providers and creation of thematic groups, aiming in promoting common initiatives and European collaborations.

Project activities

  • 1 Stop Shop Conference. A new format of transnational conference will be designed and tested twice along the project lifetime of two years. It will be designed for exchanging good practices and boosting the work of thematic teams (entrepreneurship, social inclusion, technology enhanced learning) in specific aspects that have been considered as drivers of innovation and as primary importance for VET.
  • 2 specialized thematic seminars. The two pilot seminars not only will be dedicated to social Inclusion, entrepreneurship and technology enhanced learning topics, but they also put particular attention to some specific VET fields such as Tourism and Green Economy. as project partner, works for the organization and implementation of the above activities at national and European level, together with the other project partners.

Stay tuned to learn more about the VETin3D project and its activities!

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